Change The World
Saturday, October 15th, 2011

In 2006 I spent my birthday on the big island of Hawaii in aJeep Wrangler circling the island. Despite the trip to paradise, I was dealing with a difficult time in my life. Big changes had to be made. From volcanoes to tropical rainforests, mytrek was accompanied by the sounds of Ben Harper loaded in my iPod. The musicfelt right for where I was on the island, and where I was in my life. I feltlike it was a voice I could understand clearly in that moment. Songs like Better Way and With My Own Two Hands spoke to me in volumes. And although I didn’t want to “change the world”, I did want to change my world. And I did.

In 2011 I spent my birthday at the Doheny Days MusicFestival with good friends, including Mike Vallely. Headlining the show was BenHarper, whom I had recently met while out photographing with Mike for Airwalk Shoes. Miketold Ben that it was my birthday. Ben went into his dressing room, handwroteout the night’s set-list and gave it to me. We watched his performance from theside stage as guests. Ben paused the show to have the audience join him in singingHappy Birthday to me.

Mike Vallely, Ben Harper, Eric Hendrikx, Rob Machado