Street Dreams Movie with Rob Dyrdek
Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Street Dreams Movie with Rob Dyrdek

Remember the movies Gleaming the Cube and Rad? Or maybe you were totally into Point Break? Yep, you watched it every day, then running to your friends to spout off “I am an FBI agent!” in your best Keanu Reeves vocal. Ah the room reeks of nostalgia. So much for authenticity, right? Not this summer my friends. On June 12, 2009 you’ll have the chance to see a real skateboard movie made by real skateboarders. Street Dreams is the newest skateboard cult film written, produced and financed by MTV’s street skate veteran Rob Dyrdek. It’s a story about an up-and-coming skateboarder and his dreams, starring a cast of real skaters: Ryan Sheckler, Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez, Terry Kennedy and Rob Dyrdek. Hilarious improvisation is provided by Ryan Dunn, the non-skating friend who offends everybody ala Jackass and Viva La Bam.
The Newport Beach Film Festival – Action Sports launch party was hosted by Etnies owner, Pierre Andre Senizergues “PAS”, at his private loft in Newport Beach. Sponsors included FUEL TV and SURFING Magazine and DJ Mark Moreno provided illustrious musical vibrations. The party was tastefully executed in true PAS style, with hosted cocktails and catering (including my favorite Ahi sushi tacos), and an eclectic crowd! Another successful soiree! Kudos Pierre, kudos!!!

[pictured: Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez]
The premiere for Street Dreams took place at this year’s Newport Beach Film Festival for a sold out audience. All the pros in the movie showed up for the premiere including Rob Dyrdek, Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodrigez, Terry Kennedy. The venue was flooded with fans, making this movie the Most Buzzworthy Film of the Newport Beach Film Festival.
I asked Rob Dyrdek how his concept began…

and he responded, “My co-writer Nino came to me one day saying that one of the Baldwin brothers just sold a movie for $700 grand about some kids who lose their skatepark. A treatment, not even a script! And we were like F*ck that! F*ck Hollywood! Not one person is gonna make a real skateboard movie?” Rob continues, “So we set off and six months later we had a script written. In Hollywood they say you should never finance your own sh*t, so we came up with a budget and I went out to find financers.

So I’m sitting in a meeting with a bunch of pro football players interested in financing the movie and I’m laying down what skating has become over the years. I’m laying down all of my enthusiasm for skateboarding right there on the table. And then one of them tells me he knew this movie would be big because he just saw some kids in the mall rolling on their heals,” laughs Rob. “Right? So I just gave the most passionate speech in the world about the present and future of skateboarding and he just hit me with Heelys? I was like really? Why the F*ck would I not put up my own money to do this? That’s when I decided to finance it myself, and I didn’t want to wait. I was like ‘F*ck this, let’s go make a movie!’ and off we went.”
The movie hits the big screens on June 12 nationwide. Go see it. This one really is Rad!
By Eric Hendrikx

[pictured: Terry Kennedy, Eric Hendrikx, Stone Hendrikx]

Rebel with a Cause: The Etnies Story
Monday, June 1st, 2009
France, 1985 – A hesitant new army recruit, Pierre Andre Senizergues is taken before the French Army committee to receive his call of duty. When asked of his skills and background, Pierre answered “I’m a professional skateboarder!” Not knowing what to do with the young skater, Pierre was selected to be a graveyard shift transport driver. For six months his job taunted his insanity until, in an outburst of anxious rage, Pierre attacked 15 soldiers and a captain until they shot him and sent him to the hospital. Interviews with the army psychologist determined that it would be best to let Pierre skateboard in the afternoons before he went on a killing spree. Things got better after that; much better.

Fast forward to 2009, Pierre owns and operates Etnies, the largest skate-boarding shoe company on the planet. Built from the back of his van (and one-time permanent residence), Etnies resonates of true skateboard authenticity in its employees, team riders, product and philosophy. And while this anti-establishment genre of concrete shredding athletes often reeks of havoc, Pierre has devoted himself to earthly causes and human kindness. His relentless passion to create the best skateboard shoes on the planet, also shares with the people who can’t afford a pair. On April 10, 2009, Pierre with his crew and special guests provided more than 2,000 men, women and children a hot meal and a brand new pair of Etnies shoes.

“In these tough economic times, there is more reason than ever to help those in need and give back to the causes that touch your heart – for me this is the Los Angeles Mission,” said Etnies owner Pierre Andre Senizergues. “For over 10 years my team and I have donated thousands of shoes to the homeless on Skid Row and this year will be no different. Not only because the need will be greater, but because it is this small contribution that can make a difference in someone’s life.”

Also participating in the event was KTLA’s reporter/anchor/TV host Elizabeth Espinosa. The two-time Emmy award winning, Woman of the Year recipient, Hispanic community ambassador, professional women’s advocate, special needs sibling and activist (Whew!!!) took time out of her action packed day to join Etnies, handing out a fresh set of kicks and a hot meal to thousands of homeless in need.

“Sharing with those in need is what I believe in,” said special guest Elizabeth Espinosa. “We are on this planet to look after one another. Acts of kindness as shown in Pierre’s generosity today allow us to grow as a community. I am honored to join Pierre and support his cause on this special day.”

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